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From Ireland With Love

I’m extremely lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and to be living along the west coast of Ireland.  I am proud to be Irish, despite what’s going on at the moment with how things are run here and there is more to us than just drinking.  Despite Ireland being such a small country, we have made our mark on the world.  We are world-renowned for our craic agus ceoil (no not drugs 😜) and we are a nation of world-class musicians, dancers, playwrights, writers, poet laureates, architects, actors, and story-tellers.

Ireland has a great history stretching right back to the Mesolithic period (middle stone age, c.8000 BCE – 4000 BCE.  Sorry the tour guide is coming out in me now 😜).  It has had many names down through the years; the land of Saints and Scholars, the Emerald Isle, Eire, and Cathleen Ni Houlihan.  Year after year tourists flock to this fair isle to view the stunning scenery and experience our culture and all this little country has to offer.  I hear it every day from visitors on my tours, how excited they are to be in Ireland and how awesome the scenery is and how friendly we are as a nation (awww shucks 😊).  Sure if you don’t have any Irish blood in you we’ll claim you as one of our own anyway!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have seen quite a bit of my beautiful country.  I have the Dublinia heritage course in Dublin mostly to thank for that.  I have a new appreciation for my country.  I hope my posts will make you fall in love with Ireland and make you book a ticket to visit.  Have you been to Ireland before? What did you think?Marteen Lane (4)

A quick introduction to my beautiful country Ireland and to say hello from Ireland with love.

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