Canada | Victoria Gallery Walk

While I’m not an expert, I love art in all its forms and mediums. I admire the time and work an artist puts into their pieces, and how open and curious they are of the world around them. I love how it sparks something in me, not necessarily to paint or to draw or to sculpt, but to create something. So whenever I visit somewhere I like to stroll around discovering street art or galleries and Victoria has a thriving art scene. What I adore about Victoria’s art scene is how it supports local and indigenous art. What better way to learn about the culture of an area you’ve come to visit then through it’s local and indigenous art.

Legacy Gallery

Legacy Gallery is situated on 630 Yates Street. It features the University of Victoria’s permanent collection of work by some of the best-known artists of the Pacific Northwest.


Madrona Gallery

Mondrona Gallery is situated on 606 View Street. It features contemporary and historical Canadian paintings and sculptures alongside important First Nations prints, drawings and carvings.


West End Gallery

West End Gallery is situated on 1203 Broad Street. It features art from significant new and established artists from across Canada with a focus on original paintings and glass sculptures.


Alcheringa Gallery

Alcheringa Gallery is situated on 621 Fort Street. It features masterworks from contemporary indigenous artists of the Northwest Coast of Canada, Papua New Guinea and Australia.


What’s wonderful about the Victoria Gallery Walk is that all these galleries are within close proximity of one another and it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon in Victoria. Does art inspire you? Do you like to learn about a specific culture through their artwork?

Marteen Lane (4) Learn about the culture of the Pacific North West of Canada through its indigenous art work on Victoria's gallery walk.

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