Canada | Victoria Photo Essay

Victoria is a beautiful Canadian city situated on Vancouver Island. As the capital of British Columbia, it boasts marine wildlife, Victorian architecture, First Nations culture, and so much more. Victoria holds a special place in my heart and I think you’ll understand why from these pictures.

Have you visited Victoria? What did you think of it? If you haven’t visited Victoria, is it a place you think you’d like to visit?

Marteen Lane (4)

ome along on a tour of BC's capital Victoria with my Victoria Photo Essay

42 thoughts on “Canada | Victoria Photo Essay”

  1. I have a friend that is from Victoria and I’ve heard great things about the city and it’s beautiful downtown and surrounding nature. It looks like you were able to see many things and that big ice cream is making me hungry….!

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    1. That’s cool Natalie! It’s actually easy to see the attractions in the centre of the city over a week ☺ That ice-cream was scrumptious!


    1. The country is so big, it must be difficult to see everything you want to! I’ve heard that, that the flights within are quite expensive.


    1. Thank you Trisha ☺ Oh that’s a difficult one, but I would have to say the sunset over the harbour. The colours in the sky were amazing! That’s a castle, Craigdarroch Castle. My recent post on the blog is about my visit to the castle ☺


  2. I have never been to this part of Canada but your pictures are amazing and make me want to visit. I am heading to Toronto area and Niagra Falls later this year and may have to return to Canada another time to experience Victoria.

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  3. We are planning a Canada vacation for this year. I don’t think we’ll get to Victoria this year, but wow – your photos are so lovely – I’m hoping we can check it out soon!

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