Canada | The Butchart Gardens Photo Essay

The Butchart Gardens began life as a quarry. In 1904 Robert Pim Butchart developed a quarry and built a cement plant near Tod Inlet. Robert and his wife Jennie established their home near the quarry. As Robert exhausted the limestone deposits, Jennie thought something beautiful could be made from the pit and so the pit blossomed into the Sunken Garden. People heard of Jennie’s flowers and gardens, and began to visit. Today the gardens consist of five separate gardens: Sunken Garden, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Italian Garden and Mediterranean Garden, and is a designated National Historic Site of Canada. I couldn’t put into words the beauty of these gardens and so I thought a photo essay was more appropriate to see the beauty for yourself.

Need To Know

The Butchart Gardens is situated at 800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8X 3X4, just 23km of Victoria. You can get a CVS Tours bus outside the Fairmount Empress Hotel to The Butchart Gardens if you don’t fancy driving yourself. The cost varies depending on the season, at peak season you’re looking at $61.75. But the ticket from CVS Tours includes admission to the gardens as well. The gardens are open all year round even Christmas Day! Hours vary depending on the time of year. Rates vary also depending on the year, the cheapest time of year to visit is between January 7th – 14th where tickets are $17.75.

Have you been to The Butchart Gardens? What did you think of it? Would you like to visit?

Marteen x

Come on a walk with me through The Butchart Gardens with my photo essay.

8 thoughts on “Canada | The Butchart Gardens Photo Essay”

  1. I’ve heard some beautiful things & seen a few photos of Butchart Gardens, but your website has know made it a priority to visit there soon. Thank you for your website display of these beautiful gardens.

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