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Ireland | Moore Hall Photo Essay

Moore Hall is situated to the south of the village of Carnacon in Co. Mayo, lying on Muckloon Hill over looking Lough Carra.  It was once the home of George Moore and his family. The Moores were a family of sportsmen, patriots, statesmen, writers, and artists. The house was built in 1795 but destroyed by a fire in 1923. Today the house, estate, lake, and farm are owned by the forestry company, Coillte. The house itself is still in ruin so the public aren’t allowed to go inside the house. However, Moore Hall has many visitors each year who come to admire what’s left of this big house and the locals enjoy the walking trails around the grounds.

Marteen Lane (4)

Step back in time to the landed gentry in Ireland with my Moore Hall Photo Essay.

49 thoughts on “Ireland | Moore Hall Photo Essay”

    1. You can walk right up to the house and walk around the perimeter but it’s more for safety as it is a ruin and to protect what’s left of the building that people aren’t allowed inside.


  1. Wonderful photos. There are two that instantly became my favorites. The ruins of the house against blues skies are picture-perfect! The dreamy trees covered with bright green moss look almost like watercolor.

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    1. Thank you 😊 Yes the picture with the trees is covered in moss does look like a watercolour. The woodland is gorgeous there 😊


  2. Some amazing pictures there. I work for an travel agent and see so many beautiful properties over in Ireland. This may have just swayed me to book something soon. 🙂

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  3. Is that the facade of the old house? It is so interesting to see! Too bad it is in ruins as it looks like it would have been an impressive house!

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    1. It is! I know, that was unexpected. It was just lying there on the ground and I thought it would be an interesting object to take a picture of 😊


  4. Great photo essay! Especially love the photo of the sunset with the boats. I love wandering around historic estates such as this … so many photo opportunities and moments to just sit and listen to history in the wind.

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  5. It’s so pretty! Even if you can’t get inside, exploring the grounds and the building from afar would still be quite fascinating! Looks like a perfect place to spend an afternoon.

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