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Ireland | Cong Photo Essay. 

Cong is a beautiful village on the border of Co. Mayo and Co. Galway in the west of Ireland. This little picturesque village and surrounding area is steeped in history dating back to 7000 years. But we’ll leave the history for another post. I’m extremely lucky to have worked in Cong. There is more to this village than The Quiet Man film and I hope this photo essay will do this unique and special place justice.


Have you been to Cong? Do you think it’s a place you’d like to visit?

Marteen Lane (4)

Join me on a tour of the beautiful village of Cong in the west of Ireland with my Cong Photo Essay.

43 thoughts on “Ireland | Cong Photo Essay. ”

    1. Thanks Laura 😊 I will but like you said there’ll be beautiful places in Canada to photograph also 😊


  1. I have never been to Cong but Ireland is definitely very high on our bucket list. Cong looks like a lovely town to photograph.

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  2. I love little houses that are covered in vines / leaves / flowers. It looks so enchanting. Great photos. You are very lucky to work in such a beautiful place.

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    1. I am! 😊 And I can’t wait! I’m moving on a two year working holiday visa but who knows I might just apply for permanent residency 😊


    1. It’s amazing how we don’t visit places so close to us. I visited Bangor two years ago and getting the train from the ferry port to there, it was like I never left home. So green and loads of sheep in fields ☺


  3. We did a road trip around Ireland last autumn and had a blast checking out all the places, espeically villages out of the way from the towns but I have to admit, I never heard of cong before. Hope to be going back soon as its only the island next door, so might check this quaint little place out.

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    1. If you check my website I’ve devised a guide book for the west of Ireland that can be downloaded as an app. It takes in Westport, Cong and Galway 😊


  4. The house (?) covered in ivy is absolutely adorable! And the ruins are great too. I hope you explain a bit more in another post somewhere, I’d love some more context for the photos.

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  5. What gorgeous photos! They gave me a reminder of my trip to Ireland last year. It was my first time to Ireland and I basically fell in love at first sight! I love the history of Ireland and those incredible old buildings and ruins. Some gorgeous photos. Look forward to reading more!

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  6. I love the hushed gray colors of the buildings against the blue sky and green landscaping of the grass and trees. I cannot wait to read the post about the 7000 years of history in Cong.

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