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From Ireland With Love | Inis Mór Photo Essay

Inis Mór is one of three islands that make up the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Inis Mór translates into English as ‘big island’, making it the main island of the Aran Islands. With 850 inhabitants, 14 villages and 5 pubs, it’s like stepping into a John Hinde postcard. See for yourself with these pictures!

Have you been to Inis Mór before? Do you think it’s a place you’d like to visit?

Marteen x

Come on a tour with me of Inis Mór, an island off the west coast of Ireland!

11 thoughts on “From Ireland With Love | Inis Mór Photo Essay”

  1. The Aran islands are so beautiful! My boyfriend’s family is from there and I had a chance to visit with him a year ago and it was lovely. I loved how the island was so small that they were able to wave at everyone because they knew who everyone on the island was!

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    1. That’s so cool! That’s the way it is here in Ireland with small towns and villages, everyone knows each other ☺


  2. Been there the past summer and I loved it. I was super lucky with the weather. Sunshine pure and almost no rain. I missed bringing sunscreen. Huge mistake 😀 Aran Islands are indeed beautiful and magnificent.

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    1. It was my first time there. I have to visit the other islands as well. Oh no, people forget that we can get good weather and when we do you can burn. It’s a special place for me as it was on Inis Mór last year that I asked my now partner to make our relationship official 😊

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