Northern Ireland | Belfast Photo Essay
Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland | Belfast Photo Essay

I’m back! Yes, it has been months since I last wrote a post but I won’t bore you with reasons and excuses as to why I haven’t.  I have another photo essay I want to share with you.  Last summer B and I took a day trip from Dublin to Belfast with Extreme Ireland.  Our tour guide was excellent and he had his work cut out for him with THREE GROUPS of foreign students on the bus who were in Ireland to study English.  Belfast has always been a city that fascinates me for its history.  Anyone who is familiar with the north of Ireland will know how complicated the history is, more complicated I believe than the history books allow.  However, this isn’t the time or place to decipher the north’s history of conflict and I believe that no-one can really understand the situation unless they’re there themselves.  The tour with Extreme Ireland showed the group Belfast City, the Titanic Quarter, Downpatrick Cathedral, Dundrum Castle, and the Mourne Mountains.  I will definitely be making a return trip to Belfast to do my own exploring.

Have you been to Belfast? What was your favourite part?

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Have you been to Belfast? Come along with me on my Belfast Photo Essay.

9 thoughts on “Northern Ireland | Belfast Photo Essay”

  1. Normally we associate Ireland more for its stunning countryside and natural landscape. But there is so much to see in Belfast which is so fascinating. Your pictures have captured the best of Belfast very vividly and appropriately.

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  2. I visited Belfast in March last year and definitely agree about the complicated history. I really didn’t know much about Northern Ireland and it’s religious and political struggles so it was very opening to learn more about it and see the “peace” wall. A tour definitely helps to begin to learn about it.

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    1. Indeed, even living in Ireland and growing up hearing stories on the news and learning about that part of history in school it’s still difficult to comprehend it all.


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