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Ireland | Language Shift from Irish to English in the 19th Century

There is much deliberation as to how the language shift from Irish to English occured.  It has been difficult for experts to agree on an explanation as to why and how this happened.  Irish has had many challenges over the centuries with the invasion of the Vikings and the Anglo-Normans.  Despite this, the Irish language… Continue reading Ireland | Language Shift from Irish to English in the 19th Century

Irish Cultural Heritage

Ireland | Inishbofin Photo Essay

Ireland has some beautiful islands off its coast.  I've been to a few but none stand out as much as Inishbofin off the coast of Co. Galway.  I was lucky to visit Inishbofin on a college field trip a few years ago for an Adventure Tourism module.  Of course it wasn't all fun and games… Continue reading Ireland | Inishbofin Photo Essay

Irish Cultural Heritage

Ireland | A Short History Of Moore Hall

A few years ago I shared some photographs I took of Moore Hall in my Moore Hall Photo Essay.  I'm very lucky to live only a few miles from this beautiful 'Big House' and I have fond memories of walking around the estate and having picnics as a little girl with my family.  I thought… Continue reading Ireland | A Short History Of Moore Hall

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Ireland | Mainie Jellett

I fell in love with Mainie Jellett and her work when I was given an assignment in college as part of a Modernism module.  The brief was to give a ten minute presentation on an Irish modern artist and tie in what makes them a modern artist.  I can't remember exactly how I came across… Continue reading Ireland | Mainie Jellett