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Ireland | Croagh Patrick Photo Essay

Croagh Patrick is situated 5 miles outside of the picturesque town of Westport in Co. Mayo. Known as Ireland’s holiest mountain, it soars 762 metres above the surrounding countryside. People have been flocking to this mountain on pilgrimage for 5,000 years. Legend has it that St. Patrick banished the ‘snakes’ from Ireland from this mountain. Every year on the last Sunday in July over 25,000 pilgrims climb The Reek, some do it barefoot. Those who climb it get to take in the magnificent views of Clew Bay and the surrounding area.

The best time to climb the mountain is between April and September but keep an eye on the weather conditions as sometimes it’s unsafe to climb. It takes 2 hours to climb up the mountain and 1 hour and 30 minutes to come down. It’s advisable to take sturdy footwear, rain gear, water and some food. If you’re driving there is a car park at the base of the mountain with a visitor centre, cafe, kiosk and rest room facilities. When climbing the mountain mind your footing as the stones are loose and you could easily lose your balance.

Have you climbed Croagh Patrick before? Do you think it’s something you’d like to do? What’s your favourite mountain to climb?Marteen Lane (4)

Check out these stunning views of Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Legend has it that St. Patrick banished the 'snakes' from Ireland from this mountain.

42 thoughts on “Ireland | Croagh Patrick Photo Essay”

    1. Supposedly the word ‘snake’ was a derogatory word for pagans and it’s true then he did by bringing Christianity to Ireland.


  1. This looks like a great bucket list item. I’ve never done any ‘pilgrimage’ type walk, but this looks like the added beauty of the mountain would be memorable. People have been doing it for 5,000 years! That’s a piece of history I would like to experience. I’m adding it to the list! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Great pictures, I have always wanted to see the green of Ireland! But congrats on the move to Victoria, I went to uni there and Vancouver Island is just about one of the greatest places on earth! Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you Emily ๐Ÿ˜Š Hopefully you’ll get to visit Ireland soon. I’m so excited about the move to Victoria. I’ve so many wonderful things about it.


    1. I’m so glad! Some people forget about Co. Mayo when they visit Ireland concentrating on Cork/Kerry, the North or Dublin. But Co. Mayo has so much to offer ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. This reminds me a bit of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka! Ever heard of that? It’s also a mountain used for pilgrimige by the Buddhist people of Sri Lanka! Never knew that Ireland also had something like this!

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  4. When I was hiking the Camino de Santiago, I met several people from Ireland who told me about the pilgrimage at Croagh Patrick. What a beautiful place that I would love to hike though I may do it with shoes!

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    1. No I wouldnโ€™t advise you to do it barefoot as your feet would be cut. People do barefoot for penance. I know someone whoโ€™s doing their dissertation on Croagh Patrick and she did a survey last week. She surveyed 85 people and only 5 were doing it as a pilgrimage.


  5. What lovely pictures! It’s so beautifully green, and I imagine the climb is really invigorating. Not sure I’d be game to try it barefoot though. I’d heard of the snakes, but had no idea that this was the place it all happened.

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  6. Really liked the photos that showcased the lush green landscape. Thatโ€™s usually what comes to mind when we think of Ireland. Looks like a nice climb.

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  7. The tradition of climbing holy mountains is so fascinating. You just inspired me to do some reading on the holiest mountains of the world. I would love to know why and how this tradition started in the first place.

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    1. It is a beautiful region ๐Ÿ˜Š Not an easy mountain to climb. No, it should be though. There are only two UNESCO world heritage sites in Ireland, Skelling Michael and the Giantโ€™s Causeway.


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